Farm packing machine

The farm packaging machine is a modern egg packaging machine , the equipment can be directly connected to the central egg collection system of the chicken house , automatic loading of eggs , farm packaging machines are widely used in laying hen farms and egg processing plants , effectively reduce labor costs .

1. Function Description:

1.1 Entire column conveying : The eggs are conveyed to the entire column conveyor by the                                                              central egg collecting belt , after eggs entire column , transport to                                                      the next process .

1.2 Egg head adjustment      : Automatically adjust the egg to the same direction , so as to                                                                 keep the egg head up after the egg is in the tray , ensure the                                                              freshness of eggs .

1.3 Eggs in tray                       : Special holding device , adapt to egg trays of different                                                                           specifications and materials , gently place the egg in the egg tray .

1.4 Egg tray transport             :According to actual usage on site , egg tray delivery can be                                                               divided into automatic and manual .

1.5 Finished product delivery  :The packed eggs are output through the conveyor belt , Collect                                                           eggs manually . 


2. Technical parameter:

size       : 8.4M*0.7M*1.1M (Length*width*height)

Voltage  : 0.45KW

Output   : 25000 / hour


3. Scope of application : Fresh eggs .